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There are Easter Eggs hunts in almost every state in 2024!  Most allow children from babies through elementary school to participant in the actual hunt, but almost all also have many other activities, music, food and entertainment for adults and older children.  The egg hunts are usually right around Easter (obviously), often late March or early April. in 2024, since Easter will be on Sunday, March 31, 2024, most egg hunts will be held on Saturday a week or two before, . ALWAYS click the links to check date and time with the event's own website, as there are often last minute changes due to weather or logistical problems, just click on the link to the event's website and (in most cases), you want to click on the "events" link or "calendar" link on their website. Or use their site search for "Easter". Do let them know you found them here, so they will update us next year. There are also Easter breakfasts and brunches and Easter parades to watch! And if you would like to make your own natural organic Easter Egg dye, here's how to do it! And see these pages for a history of the Easter egg, the history of Easter egg hunts, and the origin of the Easter Bunny! Our step-by-step guide spells out how to organize your own Easter egg hunt. Finally, if you are looking for bunny slippers, Easter baskets, candies and other Easter gifts, see this page and help support this website!


Always confirm dates and times via the contact information provided - they often change or cancel and do not tell me!

Note: On the Easter Egg Hunt sponsor's website, usually, you will want to click on their link for events or event calendar to see the details!

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If you ever wondered what people in America spend on the Easter holiday; see this page.


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