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The History of Easter Chocolate Bunnies, Chocolate Eggs and Candies!

If you'd rather not buy a commercial Paas Easter Egg dye kit to dye your eggs this Easter and are looking for a natural and fun alternative, here's how!  Long before the Paas company and their competitors created dye tablets and packaged egg-dying kits, people dyed their eggs the natural way using extracts they made themselves.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), as reported on Fox Business News on March 29, 2013, 8 in 10 Americans will make some Easter purchases, and do so in amounts similar to last year's spending. The NRF says that the average person will spend $145.12 on candies, decorations, clothing and food.  Wow!  That doesn't sound like anyone we know here!

Altogether, the news story says that Easter-related spending adds up to $17.2 billion! The survey broke it down like this:

Groceries and food for an Easter brunch or dinner: $45.26.

New clothes for Easter and Spring): $25.91

Easter chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and other candy: $20.66

Gifts: $20.82

Flowers: $9.49

Decorations: $9.11

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