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Looking for a local Easter egg hunt for your children? Or an Easter parade, Easter brunch or breakfast or other Easter events in Northumberland Count and Central-east Pennsylvania?  Scroll down this page and you will see all of those in Northumberland Count and Central-east Pennsylvania, sorted by county. ALWAYS either see their website or call before you go to confirm the info, there are often last minute changes which they do not report to us!  If you have missed the Easter egg hunts in your area (or they were canceled), see this page about how to easily have your own backyard or local park Easter egg hunt.

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Updates for December 2023

Easter egg hunts are back! I'm updating the info every day. Unfortunately MOST wait until the last minute (often just a few days before) to publish their dates, times and details. I'm updating their information daily as it comes in., but there are thousands yet to check. When we CONFIRM an event for 2023, the date will be highlighted in pink, like this passage to make them easy to find as you scroll down the page. Orange highlights means it was definitely held last year, but we have not yet been able to confirm it for this year.

RELATED: You may also want to go to a local farm to Pick Your Own fruit and vegetables; strawberries start very soon in most areas! Farms will be open, and it's quite safe out in a field, where people are not close to each other!
And if you are looking to save money on children's clothes, toys, books, etc, find a local children's consignment sale, also often held by churches in the Spring and Fall, click here!

ALWAYS click the links to check date and time with the event's own website, as there are often last minute cancellations, postponements or changes to locations due to weather (like heavy rains) or logistical problems, just click on the link to the event's website and (in most cases), you want to click on the "events" link or "calendar" link on their website. Or use their site search for "Easter". Do let them know you found them here, so they will update us next year. Since many egg hunts do not publish the current year's dates until the very last minute, or simply never respond to email, we may not get their current information, which is why we have links to their websites, Facebook pages and calendars. Besides egg hunts, there are also Easter breakfasts and brunches and Easter parades to watch!
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Easter Egg Hunt, Parade and Event Listings

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Columbia County

Montour County

Northumberland County

  • Gym Starz Gymnastics / Cheer Starz Rockets - Easter egg hunts for children, Easter egg hunts for infant, Easter egg hunts for toddlers, Easter egg hunts for all ages (includes adults), The Easter bunny will make an appearance, FREE admission, Children's crafts, Vendors, Other activities for children, Bring a basket to collect the eggs,
    1125 North 4th St, Sunbury, PA 17801. Phone: 570-286-1237. Email: Event date and time: When we checked last, there was no update for 2023 yet on their website - so CHECK IT AGAIN YOURSELF, it may or may not be held in 2023, if they DO hold it, based on past years, it would likely be held on the Saturday right before Easter, April 8, 2023 (but be sure to check on their website or call them first) at 10:30am registration and 11:00 egg hunt starts. Directions: See their website for directions. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, only. Click here for our Facebook page.  We will be having 4 groups this year. 3 and under, 4 to 6 and 7 to 12 we will be also having a special needs section this year. Please spread the word. There will be 1 winner from each group and every child will get candy and coupons from Burger king and dunk'in donuts.
    The Easter bunny will make an appearance, FREE admission, Lots of Prizes and Surprises also Face painting. Bring a basket to collect the eggsSee their website for more information.
  • Kohl's Annual Easter Egg Hunt - Easter egg hunt
    3319 Mexico Road, Milton, PA 17847. Phone: (570) 204-2995. Event date and time: When we checked last, there was no update for 2023 yet on their website - so CHECK IT AGAIN YOURSELF, it may or may not be held in 2023, if they DO hold it, based on past years, it would likely be on Saturday a week before Easter Sunday from 12:30 pm to 3 pm. We make sure there are always plenty of eggs for all the kids. Participation in The Easter Egg Hunt at Kohls Stony Hill is free. The age groups are as follows. 
    1 - 3 going at 1pm
    4 to 6 going at 1:30
    7 to 10 going at 2pm
    11 to 15 at 2:45 pm.
    We also have our Annual Easter Egg Hunt for adults - see their website for the date.
    It will be held after the special needs hunts from 3:30 to 5 pm. Why should all the fun be limited to the children. We will have 2 age groups: ages up to 59 and 60 and over.

Snyder County

Union County